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Welcome to Episode 9 in the CosmosID Microbiome Webinar Series where we’ll be discussing the microbiome and autism, and our panel members are Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Dr. James B. Adams, and Dr. Rita R. Colwell.

We’ll be discussing the research Dr. Krahmalnik-Brown and Dr. Adams have done to date, 16S versus shotgun sequencing methods, metabolomics, interventions that show promise with up to date research, and so much more.

Webinar Speakers
Dr Rita Colwell
Distinguished University Professor @University of Maryland College Park
Dr. Rita Colwell is Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland at College Park and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her interests are focused on global infectious disease, water, and health. Dr. Colwell served as 11th Director of the National Science Foundation and Co-chair of the Committee on Science, National Science and Technology Council. Dr. Colwell has been awarded 64 honorary degrees from institutions of higher education and is the recipient of the 2006 National Medal of Science, 2010 Stockholm Water Prize, and 2018 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize of Singapore. Dr. Colwell founded CosmosID in 2008.
Dr James B Adams
Director of the Autism/Asperger’s Research Program @Arizona State University
Dr. Adam’s research focuses on the medical causes of autism and how to treat and prevent it including the areas of nutrition (vitamins/minerals, essential fatty acids, carnitine, digestive enzymes, special diets), oxidative stress, gut problems, gut bacteria, toxic metals, and seizures. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific articles, including over 50 related to autism. He is also the President of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, the President of the Autism Nutrition Research Center, the co-leader of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Autism Research Institute, and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Neurological Health Foundation. He has an adult daughter with autism.
Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown
Director, BioDesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes, Arizona State University
Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown is the director of the Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes and a Professor at the School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment, at Arizona State University. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech. She was awarded an NSF CAREER award, was selected Fulton Engineering Exemplar Faculty, and was recently awarded Arizona Researcher of the year by AZBio and highly cited researcher in her field by Web of Science. She is a pioneer in research on gut microbiome and autism. She is author of 4 patents and more than 115 peer-reviewed publications. She specializes on molecular microbial ecology for bioremediation, the use of microbial systems for bioenergy production, and the human intestinal microbial ecology and its relationship to obesity, bariatric surgery, metabolism, and autism.
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