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Inspired by challenges in biothreat detection and epidemiology, world-renowned microbiologist, Professor Rita Colwell, started CosmosID® in 2008 to develop computational methods that could leverage Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to achieve strain-level detection of microorganisms in any complex sample and better our understanding of human health & disease.

Based in Germantown, MD, CosmosID®’s CLIA-certified, GCP-compliant laboratory provides the microbiome field with access to standardized and validated metagenomics solutions so that industry, academia & clinicians can unlock the microbiome with confidence!


In addition to a professional NGS facility, CosmosID® makes interpreting metagenomic data straightforward and seamless through the Metagenomics App! By providing strain-level resolution through a user-friendly and interactive software, the industry’s most advanced bioinformatics pipeline is now accessible to all researchers, whether they are an advanced bioinformatician or with no bioinformatics experience at all!

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TESTIMONIALSWhat our customers say

"CosmosID offers a suite of sequencing services that we have utilized to generate high quality metagenomic and transcriptomic data for deep microbiome-host analyses. Hitting appropriate sequence depth, data quality, and timely completion of projects are critical factors that we evaluate when working with a sequencing provider. CosmosID has provided exemplary customer service and has worked with us to complete custom sequencing projects in order to generate critical time-sensitive data."
Christopher Belnap, PhD
CEO - Resilient Biotics