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Every successful microbiome study begins with effective sample collection. Metagenomics can be particularly affected by the way in which samples are obtained and transported. Depending on the study goal, sample type, study protocol and study setting, individual nuances in every study will determine how best to approach this.

At CosmosID, we appreciate the importance of sample collection bias and the impact that this can have on microbiome studies. As such, we provide logistical consultation for all of our clients as well as both off-the-shelf and custom-assembled sample collection kits for a range of different settings and sample types.

So whether you’re planning for a pharmaceutical clinical trial, animal field study or collecting water at a treatment facility, CosmosID can assemble kits with hand-selected microbiome collection tubes, necessary components & customized instructions to achieve a kit that’s perfect for your study.

From there, kits are shipped to a site of your choosing, anywhere around the world!

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