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Gut Microbiome Sequencing Services

At CosmosID we provide comprehensive solutions for analyzing the human gut microbiome. Using our reliable microbiome analysis using leading genomics and informatics technologies, these sequencing analyses can help researchers gain a deeper understanding of how gut microbes affect human health and sickness.


Why Is The Gut Microbiome So Important?

The human gut microbiota are the most essential microecosystem living in symbiosis with the body. The gut microbiota living in the gastrointestinal tract are the most abundant and diverse and include billions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Prior to the invention of DNA sequencing, studying samples from human faeces necessitated lengthy and laborious microbiological techniques. These included growing and identifying individual organisms followed by phenotype or genotype analysis. With these methods, it was not feasible to examine the bacterial community in a single sample.

But thanks to significant advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, we now have the tools necessary to study the human gut microbiome. Using high throughput sequencing technology we are able to conduct comprehensive metagenomics analyses that can sample the genomes of entire communities and unculturable species.

DNA And/Or RNA Extraction From Fecal Samples

DNA (or RNA) extraction is a crucial stage in gut microbiome profiling because if the DNA of the different species isn’t representative of the actual microbial community, then the study has no value. The extraction technique can have a significant impact on total bacteria quantification and group abundance estimates.

Our experts will be on hand with optimized extraction procedures to make sure that DNA is safely extracted from the sample and doesn’t jeopardize the data analysis.

Sampling And Logistics For Gut Microbiome Analysis Projects

The way samples are collected is critical to any successful microbiome research. Metagenomics can be susceptible to the manner in which samples are obtained and transmitted, especially when it comes to environmental conditions. Individual differences in each study will determine how best to proceed based on the study’s objective, sample type, study procedure, and setting.

At CosmosID, we understand the significance of sample selection bias in microbiome research and how it may influence the results. We provide:

  • Logistical assistance to all of our customers
  • Off-the-shelf sample collection kits¬†
  • Custom-assembled sample collection kits for a variety of applications and types of samples.

CosmosID can design kits that include hand-picked microbiome collection tubes, essential components, and prepared procedures to help you conduct your study. Whether you’re conducting a pharmaceutical clinical trial, an animal field study, or collecting water at a treatment facility, we can provide you with the kits you need, shipped to a site of your choosing, anywhere in the world!

We Translate Raw Data To Clear Gut Microbiome Study Results

Whether you’re new to the gut microbiome field, or an expert who requires assistance in bringing your project from start to finish, we can help. We’ll use our our expertise to support you through every stage of your study, from concept to sample gathering, data generation and processing, and final analysis.

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