CareersMolecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I


Molecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I

Position Summary

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I performs tests using PCR, RT-PCR and qRT-PCR to analyze nucleic acid for quantification and/or detection of microorganisms.
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I performs DNA and RNA isolations of various sample types including stool, saliva, wastewater, etc.
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I performs DNA sequencing using Illumina based technology.
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory Technologist I performs nucleic acid quantitation of samples.

Responsibilities List:

  • Handle incoming samples for accessioning, organizing, storing, and processing
  • Processing of samples for PCR testing, which will include isolation of nuceic acid from various sample types, prep for RT-PCR, and running RT-PCR
  • Perform pooling of nucleic acid for downstream sequencing, as well as loading sequencing instrument with sample pool
  • Perform consumable/control prep in preparation for downstream testing
  • Troubleshooting PCR assay
  • On-time delivery of client sample testing within quality specifications
  • Adhere to quality management system and laboratory SOPs
  • Develop or modify SOPs as needed
  • Maintain laboratory in a clean, functional state, as well as cleaning, performing or scheduling equipment and instrument maintenance/calibration/certification, as required


  • Bachelor’s degree in science or related discipline


  • Minimum two years of experience in a molecular biology laboratory

Knowledge and Skills

  • BLS2 working experience
  • Understanding of aseptic technique with focus on pipetting (lab etiquette)
  • Sample accessioning, tracking, and storage experience
  • Processing samples for nucleic acid isolation
  • Experience in CLIA Laboratory setting (preferred)
  • Experience with RT-PCR
  • Experience with setting up and running laboratory automation equipment (preferred)
  • Excellent organizational skills

Physical Requirements

  • Physical stamina as you will often spend hours on your feet performing various tests
  • Ability to carry up to 50 pounds


Position Type: Full-Time

Compensation is market competitive, and based on the experience and the expertise of the selected candidates. The candidate should have a legal work permit to work in the US. Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and cover letter to