Next-Generation SEquencing

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in NGS and microbial genomics, CosmosID’s laboratory facility in Rockville, MD, offers end-to-end microbiome and isolate sequencing services from received samples to analysis in as fast as three business days. Leveraging CLIA and GLP-certified workflows, CosmosID achieves high quality sequencing data for a range of applications such as clinical trial support, infectious disease diagnostics, food safety testing, microbiome R&D and many more.


sample processing

CosmosID receives and tracks samples from all around the world. Whether you’re batch sending samples for a microbiome R&D project or coordinating with multiple clinical trial sites, your precious samples will be logged on the CosmosID system and processed diligently.

CosmosID’s lab professionals practice quality-controlled and optimized DNA/RNA extraction protocols for different sample types resulting in minimal bias, optimum yield and purity. So whether you’re sending a biopsy, skin swab, raw fecal matter or nucleic acid, rest assured your precious samples are safe with us!

Sequencing libraries are then generated using commercial and proprietary kits prior to library QC for bias minimization.


NExt-generation sequencing

CosmosID offers sequencing on a variety of Illumina, ThermoFisher, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore platforms with different throughput specifications and run types. Depending on the study design and requirements for bioinformatics, we’ll tailor your sequencing specifications accordingly.

  • Shotgun Sequencing

  • 16S Sequencing

  • ITS Sequencing

  • Metatranscriptomics

  • Long-read Sequencing


Our Promise

CosmosID delivers a range of projects for various industry, hospital, academic and government organizations with promised delivery time and quality.

Samples can be processed, sequenced and analysed in as fast as three business days! Simply let us know about any special requirements and we can tailor our service accordingly.

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