The Malaysia Genome Institute, CosmosID USA (a microbial metagenomics bioinformatics company), and UKM's Centre for Collaborative Innovation, is pleased to invite delegates to the 1st International Conference and Workshop on Microbial Metagenomics on July 12-13 2016 at the Malaysia Genome Institute Complex, Kajang (near Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia.

Current developments in the technology of high throughput sequencing methods have enabled scientists to understand microbial communities (microbiomes)  and their impacts on human health, infectious and communicable diseases, natural resistance to infection and rapid disease diagnosis. Metagenomics, the science of analysing microorganisms, whether culturable or non-culturable and recalcitrant to culturing, has advanced rapidly within the last decade as evidenced by the NIH and European Human Microbiome Projects. It is now possible to identify incriminating microbial pathogens more rapidly than hitherto possible. 

Together with other ‘omics,’ metagenomic analysis has uncovered myriad interactions between microbes and their environment (human, animal, plants and inanimate objects), enabling precise predictions of the impacts these microbes have on a host. These predictions then trigger the search for appropriately targeted solutions to problems that may arise or for methods for enriching specific microbial populations deemed beneficial. 

With state-of-the art big data analytics in combination with functional genomics, metagenomic studies open up new challenges and opportunities.  It is, therefore, the aim of this conference to share the latest information and to pose new theories pertaining to reasons for existence of microbiomes inhabiting specific environments for the betterment of mankind. 

Two half-day workshops will be conducted in the afternoons of 12-13th July to develop participants’ skills in the latest robust metagenomics analysis. A separate registration is required for attendance in the training workshop.  


You are invited to present papers and posters on any aspect of microbiome (microbial communities) research related to:

a. human biology: clinical diagnostics, cancer biology, food safety and public health;

b. foods: functional foods, probiotics, traditional and indigenous food and beverages;

c. environmental biology: indoor air quality, built environment, healthcare associated infections, bio-threats, specific milieus (land, water, and air), and

d. metagenomics analytics: software platform development, statistics, infographics.


Participants are encouraged to present posters on scientific research in the areas of focus. Commercial posters displaying new "omics" approaches, new instruments and analytical tools are also welcome.

Posters will be displayed throughout the conference. Information should be inscribed on AI (594 x 841 mm) poster and displayed in portrait orientation.


Space for a limited number of oral presentations is still available. Participants should email their abstracts (no more than 250 words) before 15th May 2016 to En. Mohd Noor Mat Isa at emno@mgi-nibm.my or emno72@gmail.com