Bioinformatics Platform & Services

Employing a phylogenetic and k-mer based approach to metagenomics, CosmosID’s bioinformatics platform reproducibly achieves strain-level analysis with industry leading sensitivity & precision. This makes it ideal in early and late stage Microbiome R&D and other applications, whether you’re studying low biomass samples, monitoring minor and major level changes in the microbiome or detecting low-abundance pathogens and other organisms. In addition, CosmosID is uniquely placed to identify and characterize isolated organisms for strain discovery and sub-typing.


Strain-Level Shotgun Metagenomics

The CosmosID bioinformatics platform comprises two core elements:

1. With exceptionally high detection specificity, sensitivity and precision, CosmosID’s proprietary algorithms offer industry-leading performance in achieving strain-level resolution of microbiome samples.

2. The platform utilizes Genbook, CosmosID’s proprietary microbial genomics database. Containing nearly 160,000 phylogenetically organized genomes and gene sequences, the database enables strain-level, multi-kingdom identification of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protists in addition to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and virulence characterization of microbiome samples.

Isolate Whole-genome Sequencing & Analysis

Upon completion of sequencing and data QC, CosmosID will perform De Novo assembly, identification and SNP analysis of your isolated strain. For novel strain identification, authenticity and safety testing, our team of epidemiology and infectious disease experts leverage in-house pipelines to further characterize strains for AMR, Virulence, MLST Allelic Profiling, Comparative Genomics and Functional Analysis.

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Interactive Cloud-Based Application

Spend less time generating data and more time interpreting your study results with CosmosID’s user-friendly, cloud-based application! Making PDF reports a thing of the past, the cloud app gives users access to their results via dynamic charts, reporting & visualizations for individual and comparative analyses of Shotgun Sequencing, 16S & ITS data.

Are you a bioinformatician? Simply generate an API key within the app and access the platform within your preferred scripting environment.

All new account holders are entitled to up to 24 free uploads. Simply choose your sequencing type on the ‘upload’ screen and receive analysis in minutes!

Amplicon 16S and ITS Analysis

16S & ITS sequencing continue to play an integral role in microbiome R&D for high-level microbiome analysis and large-scale studies prior to shotgun metagenomics of interesting sample subsets. CosmosID’s in-house bioinformatics pipelines for amplicon sequencing provide improved species-level resolution, making it a great choice for preliminary investigation.

CosmosID Bioinformatics Services

In Microbiome R&D for industry applications, taxonomic classification is just the beginning. In addition to access to the online cloud platform, CosmosID has an expert team of bioinformaticians who leverage additional in-house and open source pipelines for functional analysis to combine with strain-level metagenomics data. Moreover, the team can provide complete support for publication, dossier and regulatory submissions with other analyses such as multi-omics and complex, multivariate statistics. Simply let us know about your program and we’d be happy to help!

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