Exceptional Performance

External bench-marking has been integral to the continuous improvement and development of both CosmosID’s laboratory and bioinformatics services . As a result, the platform has been assessed on numerous occasions through community challenges and committees and so we’re proud to have received various awards and accolades.

Mosaic Award.png

Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ Mosaic Strain Challenge

Focused on bench-marking and computational methods in microbiome characterization at the strain level, CosmosID was awarded first place for its capabilities in strain identification and characterization through shotgun metagenomics.

FDA award.png

PrecisionFDA - CFSAN Pathogen Detection Challenge

Focused on the positive and negative identification and characterization of Salmonella strains in 24 food safety samples using shotgun metagenomics, CosmosID scored highest in strain profiling along with the lowest false positive score of all entries.

Water Award.jpg

Water Technology Idol 2018

CosmosID was recognized for its work in the detection of microbial contamination in water at the Global Water Summit, in Paris. This prestigious prize is awarded annually by a panel of judges to a new water testing technology with greatest potential for positive change.