Scientific Advisory Board

The CosmosID Scientific Advisory Board comprises a prestigious, multidisciplinary group of leaders in their respective fields of mathematics, bioinformatics, microbiology, genomics, statistics, and computational science who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company

Erich BlocH, Emeritus

Former Director National Science Foundation; pioneer in super computer technology and development of IBM 360 systems; Recipient National Medal of Technology.

Dr. Vinton Cerf

Chief Evangelist, Google; “father of the internet”- co-designer of TCP/IP protocols and internet architecture; Recipient National Medal of Technology.

Dr. Stacie Colwell

MD/Ph.D. U. Illinois and Fellow, American Board of Pediatrics; senior clinician Mt. Ascutney Hospital, Windsor, VT (associated with Dartmouth Medical School); clinical applications expert and resident fellow in developmental pediatrics at Tufts University Floating Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Eric Haseltine

Consultant to U.S. Intelligence community; former Director of Science and Technology, National Security Agency; former executive vice president, Disney Imagineering.

Dr. Norm Kahn

Senior Consultant at Counter-Bio, LLC; Former Central Intelligence Agency Senior Executive; Created, developed, and directed the Intelligence Community’s biological weapons intelligence activity.

Dr. Donald Kerr

Former Principal Deputy Director of U.S. National Intelligence; Director National Reconnaissance Office, Deputy Direction S & T Central Intelligence Agency, Assistant Director FBI, President and Director, EG&G, Inc., Director Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Dr. Ivor Knight

Established the Research & Development divions of Canon Life Sciences; possesses over two decades of experience in molecular genetic research and development of DNA-based diagnostic systems; B.S., Animal and Veterinary Science, West Virginia University; Ph.D., Molecular Biology, University of Maryland.

Sir Richard Roberts

Nobel Prize laureate 1993 in physiology or medicine; formerly Assistant Director for Research James D. Watson’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Research Director, New England Biolabs.

Dr. VS Subrahmanian

Professor and former Director University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies; board member national and international information technology companies, including TATA Institute.