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CosmosID, the Microbial Metagenomics Company, Expands into Hip-Hop Music Production

Rockville, MD, April 1, 2016 - CosmosID today announced the expansion of their genomic big data company into the music production sector. CosmosID provides rapid identification of microorganisms for infectious disease diagnostics, public health surveillance, food safety, pharmaceutical discovery, microbiome analysis, and now music production, with a focus on the hip-hop industry.

Manoj Dadlani, CEO, said of the expansion, “It seemed like the logical next step for our company.”

The debut song under the CosmosID label can be found here.

Founder Rita Colwell, former director of the National Science Foundation and pioneer in the field of microbial ecology, sees this as a surprising move for the company she started based on the need for rapid identification of microbes using modern DNA-based techniques. “It was not part of my original vision for this company”, said Colwell, “and I am a Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi fan. But I have always tended to be a visionary. So, if one considers the microbial DNA sequence to be a fascinating symphony, this next step is a natural.”

Chris Mason, known for his study of the microbes in the New York City subway system and for his emphatic support of the hygiene hypothesis, where he once encouraged rolling babies like sushi on the subway floor, said, “No doubt - DNA is music. Mixing the metagenome of uptown and downtown trains is just as beautiful as when DJ Danger Mouse blended the Beatles White Album and Jay-Z’s the Black Album to make the Grey Album. In fact, this was even highlighted last year at TEDMED. I am totally onboard to collaborate with them on the music front. Get this hygiene hypothesis to your metropolis.

DJ LMNOP, leader in the music industry, commented “Just because you think you’re on top of the world with your fancy algorithms and amazing databases … does not mean you can just suddenly one day decide to produce music and expect to be successful with no experience in this field. This field will break you. Good luck to them.” DJ LMNOP later announced the expansion of his company into the microbiome therapeutics space.

This new direction will allow CosmosID to expand and collaborate with leaders in the music production field. “It should open new doors and opportunities and lead to our growth as a company,” said Dadlani.