Zymo Research & CosmosID end to end Microbiome Standards Analysis

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the best way to control bias

ZymoBIOMICS Cell and DNA standards not only include bacteria but also fungi. They span a wide range of variable cell wall recalcitrance, GC content and final DNA concentration, which makes them great for assessing bias in DNA isolation, library preparation and microbiome profiling.


CosmosID bioinformatics offer accurate and reproducible microbiome measurements with multi-kingdom strain-level resolution and industry leading sensitivity and precision.

Sample performance at a glance

We report performance statistics that set the industry standard:

  • Precision
  • Recall
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Positive Predictive Value
  • Overall F1 score

Sequencing performance vs. Expected

QC of the sequence file

Comprehensive data QC

Detailed sequencing QC for each sequence file:

  • Per base sequence quality
  • Per sequence quality scores
  • Per base sequence content
  • Per sequence GC content
  • Per base N content
  • Sequence Length Distribution
  • Sequence Duplication Levels
  • Overrepresented sequences
  • Adapter Content