The Metagenomics MVP Challenge v1.0

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The goal of this inter-lab study (a.k.a. “Challenge”) is to identify and understand measurement bias associated with various library preparation techniques and next-generation sequencing platforms.  Specifically with respect to shotgun metagenomic analysis of a mixed microbial sample. This challenge is open to the community at-large.


When using NGS-based metagenomic methods to assess the content of a complex microbial sample, there are many steps in the measurement process where bias might be introduced; including, but not limited to: sample handling and storage, DNA extraction method, library construction and/or PCR, NGS platform, data filtering and data analysis. 


We recognize that our “Metagenomics MVP Challenge v1.0” only addresses a small aspect of this larger measurement process:  namely the library preparation and NGS platform.  This is intentional and it is our intent to address other steps of the measurement process in future challenges.