Announcing A Deep Sequencing Gut Microbiome Kit!

We are incredibly excited to announce that in a partnership with The BioCollective we will be offering an affordable gut microbiome kit based on all of the DNA in your sample. Most microbiome analysis kits only give you a limited peek at what is in your sample DNA. They are based on something called 16S analysis - looking at only one or a few genes. Instead of doing this, we actually sequence the DNA of the entire sample which, as you can imagine, gives us much more information. And with this extra information we are able to tell you things like which strains of bacteria we find and we can also identify viruses, fungi, parasites and even antibiotic resistance and virulence factors, all important components of the microbiome. 

The kit will have an introductory price of $299 (regular price: $499). Please click here to sign up for yours! We will send you a kit with detailed instructions on how to send your samples for analysis. 

If you've ever been wondering what your gut microbiome looks like or maybe you want to establish your baseline microbiome before making some dietary changes or athletic pursuits, this is a great time!