Yeast Metabolism, Anaerobes, Fermentation, Dimethyl Sulfide, Ethanol, CO2. Or ... Beer!

This looks like a delicious idea - decoding beer by comparing the genomic composition of 100 (eventually 1000) different beers and mapping them onto a beer tree ("beer" and "tree" are two words that should really be used together more often). They will take a look at the DNA from bacteria, yeast, grains, and other components that make up these 100 craft beers that they sample. To be an active participant you can check out their KickStarter page here: and sponsor them for a chance to nominate a beer, sequence a beer, and much more depending on the amount pledged. As of today they are only $610 away from meeting their goal.

We wish them much luck and look forward to seeing the results! We bet there will be some surprises!