Stop By To See Us At ASM

We will be attending the American Society for Microbiology conference (ASM) in New Orleans over the next few days. If you are here, please stop by our poster #2271 on Tuesday, June 2 from 10:30am-noon. We would love to meet you and talk about your projects! Our poster covers our metagenomic analysis software, product offerings, benchmarking results, how to apply it to various fields, and much more. Several team members will be here to discuss it with you – Hasan, our VP of Research and Development and expert on all things microbiology, Poorani, our resident mathematician and bioinformatician who can discuss any statistical approaches and analysis, Seon Young, Senior Scientist and expert in enteric pathogens and database development, and Kelly, bioinformatics engineer and product manager. We also are happy to set up a demo for you at some point over the course of the meeting – please just send us an email if you’d like to schedule one:

Other CosmosID team members attending ASM are our CEO, Brian Nimmo, our Executive VP of Business Development and Operations, Manoj Dadlani, and of course our founder, Dr. Rita Colwell, who has a session in her honor on Sunday morning.