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In addition to the GENIUS BaseSpace App, we offer

an On-site Appliance Solution

Our GENIUS appliance server installed at your location.

An expanded, high-throughput version of our GENIUS software with comparative analysis tools.

Industry-leading quality, turn-around time and end-to-end solution.

Additional Specialized Databases

Our curated libraries include: Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses (DNA viruses & phages), Antibiotic Resistance & Virulence factors, and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, MSSA).

We can create custom databases specifically for your application.

Metagenomics Services

We offer in-house metagenomics analysis services using our multiple databases and can provide comparative analyses and custom reports based on your needs.

We provide consultation services on a variety of NGS and shotgun metagenomics projects from study design to data analysis and the creation of reports and figures.

Recent projects include (more here):

GENIUS Metagenomics BaseSpace

GENIUS Metagenomics: Know Now